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Are Large CROs Delivering? Pharma and Biotech Say No

The recent survey by CRO Worldwide Clinical Trials paints a concerning picture for the traditional "one-stop shop" model of large CROs. Here's why:

  • Nearly 80% of respondents believe this model is not cost-effective.

  • 50% have concerns about instability impacting projects due to team disruptions, lack of top talent, and poor service delivery.

  • 75% feel they lack personalized attention, and 71% are apprehensive about high development costs.

  • 70% experience team disruptions affecting turnaround times.

These numbers speak volumes about the inefficiencies and frustrations pharma and biotech companies face with large CROs.

At Premier Focus Solutions, we offer a different approach. We believe in:

  • Flexible staffing solutions: Access the exact expertise you need, when you need it, for cost-effective project execution.

  • Direct access to top talent: Eliminate the "B, C, and D teams" and work with highly qualified consultants who are passionate about your projects.

  • Unparalleled control and accountability: Maintain complete control of your data and ensure accuracy through direct communication with your dedicated team.

The future of clinical research is flexible, personalized, and cost-effective. Let Premier Focus Solutions help you achieve your development goals without compromising on quality or expertise.

P.S. Did you know the survey predicts a 5% shift from away from large-sized CROs in the next three years? It's time to rethink your CRO strategy.

Contact Premier Focus Solutions today to discuss how we can help you achieve your clinical development goals.

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